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Enseignement de Master - HCI929 : Mixed Reality and Tangible Interaction (D4INH29)

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In this class we discuss "beyond-the-desktop" interaction, where visualization and interaction take place in the environment of the user, rather than through the traditional screen, mouse and keyboard. In particular, we cover the topic of mixed reality and augmented reality systems, which visually mix real and virtual objects; and that of tangible interaction, which moves interaction with online information to the objects around us and to the physical environment. We present a combination of techniques and devices to help augment the environment, such as spatial tracking and 3D visualization, mobile phones, glasses, hand-held projectors, etc. And a number of approaches to interacting with the environment that exploit the characteristics of physical objects or physical space, such as work on tangible objects, augmented paper, ambient displays, on-body interaction, interaction with large surfaces such as walls and tables, ubiquitous computing, etc.

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