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Enseignement scientifique & technique - MODS212 : Ethical challenges of artificial Intelligence

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"Ethical challenges of Artificial Intelligvence"  explores AI Ethics from multiple disciplinary perspectives: legal, ethics,  and computer science.  The course will provide students with the necessary background to discuss and defend ethics issues with stakeholders who may be involved in their AI project, as well as address ethics issues in their research. 

Taught by Winston Maxwell, the course will focus on the law, regulatory and policy environment. Is AI Ethics just about applying existing law, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation and the European Convention on Human Rights? What do "ethical AI principles" such as the Asilomar principles bring to the table? The course will focus on algorithmic explainability, bias, discrimination, with use cases involving facial recognition, use of algorithms to detect terrorist risks and fraud, AI used in employment, self-driving vehicles, autonomous lethal weapons, and AI-enhanced humans. Students will learn the basics of the GDPR and of the proposed European Artificial Intelligence Act, and why machine learning poses special legal and ethical problems compared to symbolic AI.

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