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Formation en mobilité - FAE-Ex-ICL-2s : Echange d'un an à Imperial College London en génie électrique


Please apply to Imperial College (as a Visiting Student) by 15 May via: https://www.imperial.ac.uk/study/apply/visiting-students/

  • You will find a guidance document for 2023-24 applicants (including term-dates) who are nominated Exchange students.
  • Please take special note of the English (evidence) guidance on page 9 of the guidance document.
  • Please apply when you are ready, since the College will process your application within 8 weeks of you submitting your application (including the documents).


If you have any queries about the general application and hosting process please do not hesitate to email me.


I have alerted the Dept of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Imperial College (to which you will be applying) to your nomination. The exchange co-ordinator is Professor Alessandro Astolfi.


For current module descriptions view: https://intranet.ee.ic.ac.uk/electricalengineering/eecourses_t4/index.asp (the relevant curriculum is the BEng/MEng).

The YR4 modules/courses in the MEng are at master level. You would be hosted at Imperial as an undergraduate.

You are welcome to ask Prof Astolfi questions of an academic nature – but please cc any email you send to the Dept’s UG administration (Emma Rainbow) as they may be better placed to respond to your request if it concerns access to curriculum information.

Please ensure you submit your application by that date. If you miss the deadline you can still apply, but with the caveat that our UG Halls (housing) guarantee might not apply.


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