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Formation en mobilité - FAE-Ex-HUST-2s : Echange non-diplômant de 2 semestres à Hanoi University of Science & Technology, Vietnam


Cet échange non diplômant de 2 semestres dans le programme de Master "advanced programme of Electronics & Telecommunications de HUST :

During the exchange, you will have to validate 30 ECTS credits per semester (which is 15 credits at HUST). So 60 ECTS credits for 2 semesters (30 credits at HUST). Before you send your learning agreement to HUST, the responsible person for Mobility at Telecom Paris has to approve your choice of courses.
Nomination deadline:

Autumn Semester (September - January): 1st May 

Spring Semester (January - June):  20th October

Summer Semester (June - August): 15th April (for only internship/lab work)

Application deadline:

Autumn Semester (September - January):  15th May

Spring Semester (February - June):  1st November

Summer Semester (June-August): 25th April


Application documents :

Online Application form: https://goo.gl/forms/zdYb7SODdyHd3ilp2

Application requirements :
  • GPA requirement: at least 2.5/4 or 3/5
  • English proficiency requirement: equivalent to B1 level (but B2 level will be prioritized)
Néanmoins, soyez vigilants tout de même aux cours de niveau master qui n'ouvrent pas en anglais : "Till now, we do not have enough master students for an Engligh-taught master program. Therefore, please choose the courses in the Bachelor programs". (2023)

Diplôme(s) concerné(s)

Pour les étudiants du diplôme Diplôme d'ingénieur

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