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Formation Humaine - FH253 : Managing Communication in an International Context

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Intervenante Bethany Cagnol

- To define culture and its impact on behavior on an individual level.
- To better understand various communication styles and their potential impact on teams.
- To develop strategies for handling communication breakdown that can be directly used in one's personal and professional context.
- To reflect on how individuals, communities, and entire countries may choose to address communication problems.

Pedagogical Approach:
Through highly interactive lectures and activities, students will develop a deeper awareness and strategies for providing feedback, addressing conflict, and achieving objectives. Students will be invited to participate in simulations and breakout discussions to help futher deepen their analysis and understanding.

Pre-requisites: Level B2+ (advanced) in English.
Course participants from a variety of cultural backgrounds are warmly encouraged to enroll (we recommend a maximum of 6 French students).

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Programme détaillé

S2P3 : semaine groupée : 9 et 10 avril 2013 journées et 11 avril 2013 matin

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