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Enseignement de Master - HCI924 : Studio Art Science


This is an interdisciplinary creative education program, in collaboration between Paris Saclay
University, the diagonal Saclay and the Center Pompidou.
It is a course on the design and implementation of experimental arts and sciences projects, led by a
trio composed of two scientists and an artist.
Participants in this course will benefit from a practical and theoretical framework for the realization of
projects combining science and / or technology and art. They will discover the collections of the
Pompidou Center, guided by an artist. They will discover design methods based on experience and will
have the opportunity on the one hand to develop their perceptual, cognitive and aesthetic sensitivity
and on the other hand to deepen advanced technical and technological concepts, such as augmented
reality, virtual reality, interactive and immersive spaces, sensors etc. They will be able to develop their
imagination to design a work that integrates both a scientific and an aesthetic approach from their own
personal stories.
The supervisors will guide the participants in formulating the intentions of their project in the form of
short documentations that describe, analyze and discuss their conceptual, technical and critical
choices. They will also accompany the resulting experiences of the participants and the spectators.
Thus, the participants will have the responsibility to conceive a work based on an original concept and
integrate a current scientific approach.
The course is conceived with the idea of becoming an annual meeting with artists and works from the
collection of the National Museum of Modern Art at the Centre Pompidou as well as an opportunity to
initiate projects between students and scientific disciplines. Students benefit each time from a
theoretical and practical support to carry out the realization, production and diffusion of their project.
Students will have the opportunity to share their experience during an interdisciplinary research
meeting “to be done" at the JACES and the Center Pompidou.

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