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Enseignement de Master - CSC7281 : Dynamic, autonomic and self-adapting systems


This course offers an introduction to Autonomic Computing systems. Autonomic systems are able to manage themselves, so as to achieve high-level goals (e.g. optimal performance, security), while minimising the need for low-level human intervention (e.g. manual system deployment, configurations and repairs). Automating such system administration processes is essential for managing the increasing complexity of modern CPS. Targeted application domains include smart homes, smart electric grids, autonomous vehicle networks, robot swarms, mobile sensor networks, Data Centres and Industry4.0.

The topics addressed in this course include component- and service-oriented technologies for system adaptation at runtime; an overview of autonomic computing and its applications; and an overview of architectural patterns for complex autonomic systems.

Practical works and a software project will be developed for a Smart Home application, based on a service-oriented simulator (iCASA).

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Pour les étudiants du diplôme Computer Science for Networks M2

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