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Enseignement de Master - HCI904 : Evaluation of Interactive Systems ( D4INH04)

Domaine > Informatique.


Responsable :
C. Appert   

This class is an introduction to the different methods for evaluating interactive systems. By the end of this class, students should be able to identify the right evaluation method to consider depending on the type of users, the type of the system and design stage of the system.

In particular, the following points will be discussed:
- Defining usability: measures, types of applications and types of users
- Capturing usability problems: questionnaires, heuristics and observational methods
- Operational tasks and predictive cognitive modeling
- Human factors and usability: basics of human anatomy, motor control and visual perception
- Evaluation "at large": longitudinal logging and crowdsourcing
- Introduction to experiment design
- Panorama of other evaluation methods in HCI literature: case studies, benchmarks, ...

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