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Enseignement de Master - HCI926 : Groupware and Collaborative Work (D4INH26)

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Responsables : M. Beaudouin-Lafon, C. Fleury

Gestural interaction is used as input modality in interfaces through a wide variety of gestures and movements: from deterministic and specific ones such as finger tapping on a touch screen to expressive whole-body interaction techniques. This course presents some techniques for capture, recognition and interpretation of gestures. Despite their diversity all these techniques have as common ground the human body with its capabilities and limitation for which interfaces must adapt and provide means of appropriate interaction. The following topics will be covered in this course: • Motor Control: biomechanics, movement control of the arm, hand and fingers, Fitts' law, etc. • 2D interaction: touch-sensitive and multi-touch techniques, paper/pencil interaction, gestures discovery and memorization, Marking menus and derivatives, etc. • 3D interaction: degrees of freedom, movement types, free hand gestures, gesture delimiters, embodied interaction, full-body interaction, etc. • Gesture analysis: techniques for analyzing and recognizing gestures (automatons, supervised and unsupervised learning, HMMs, etc.) • Applications to mobile interaction

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