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Enseignement de Master - MN912 : Transport des flux multimédias : principes, protocoles et techniques avancées

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Audiovisual traffic represents close to 80% of the global IP traffic, and is still continuously growing.
This class explains the common principles behind all technologies used for audiovisual transport, and reviews the core techologies of today's video distribution: TV broadcast, real-time communication and general internet delivery.
The class includes two lab sessions, and weekly homeworks.
Professor in charge:
Jean Le Feuvre, Associate professor, TELECOM ParisTech

Objectifs pédagogiques

- Understand the common principles in media delivery technologies
- Understand the specificities of each familly of protocols inherited from the underlying network constraints

25 heures en présentiel

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Lab Session (15%). Homework (15%). Final Exam (70%)

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    Programme détaillé

    Fundamentals of Audio-Visual Transport



    • Cable, Satellite and Terrestrial TV
    • Next-Generation protocols

    Real-Time delivery

    • Voice over IP (VoIP)
    • Conferencing

    Internet Video

    • Principles of HTTP Streaming

    Advanced Topics

    • Low Latency Streaming
    • Web Integration

    Mots clés

    TV, HTTP Streaming, Real-Time, Video, Multimedia
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